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Best Practice On How to Make Money with Wooplr Business

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How to Make Money with Wooplr – Today, in this post, we will learn about an online business idea in which by doing Zero Investment, we can earn good money sitting at home online.

As friends we know nowadays is the era of online shopping and people buy all the goods they need online while sitting at home, so you too can earn money by opening your best online store. Today I will tell you about a website that is giving you the opportunity to open your own online store for free.

If you also want to open your online store sitting at home, they also want to earn money without investment and then you are at the right place. In this article, I will tell you about a website on which you can earn money by selling your product by opening your online store for free.

The name of the website we were talking about is wooplr , this is a great website to earn money online. There are 40110+ members added to it so far and the company has already earned one crore. The special thing about this website is that you will not need to buy any product, as many products as you want to sell. All that wooplr company will give and even you will do the work of making those products reach the customer. Just you have to create an online store and add products to your store, after that you will get a link and share that link with your friend in Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter. After that whenever you click on that link and buy the product, you will get 15% commission.

For example, we assume that if you have sold goods worth ₹ 1000 from your online store, you will get a commission of ₹ 150. As your sell increases, so will your commission. Wuppler pays a commission of up to 25%. The best thing about this website is that it is not necessary that people will buy goods by clicking on your link, only then you will get money, if people click on your link and see the product, you will get money. 100 view = Rs 10 Wooplr kya hai – What is Wuppler Wooplr is an e-commerce website started in Bangalore by Arjun, Ankit and some members. Woopler is an e-commerce website or an online store that has many clothing products such as shoes, T-shirts, pants, shirts etc. for both men and women. You get commission on selling it.

If considered, it is also a kind of online shopping place like amazon, flipkart etc. is. But it has not yet added as much product to Amazon and Flipkart. Have you ever heard of Amazon or Flipkart Affiliate marketing. The voupler is also the same. To work in a Flipkart affiliate, it is necessary to have good traffic in the website, you have to take approval, a lot of details have to be filled. Even when I was creating an account for Amazon affiliate markting, it took me 1 hour to fill all the details. But this is not the case in wooplr. Register directly and share the link anywhere by adding the product to your store.

How to Make Money with Wooplr & Requirements

The requirement for wooplr

(1). Computer or laptop or smartphone

(2). Traffic- If you want to have a good income, then it is very important to have traffic.

(3). Paytm or Pan card – If you want to transfer your income to direct bank at the time of payment, then you can send through PAN card and bank details. If you want, you can also take payment in paytm by easy way.

Even if you do not have a computer or laptop, you can manage it from your phone, so let us now teach how to open our account on wooplr. How to earn money from wooplr wooplr you can earn in two ways (1). Commission: If someone buys products from your shared link, you will get commission for the price of that product. In commission start, you will get 15% on each product and when your sales increase, you will get 25% commission. (2). Views: Like if you share a product in Whatsapp, facebook, twitter and if 100 people click on that link and see that product then you get ₹ 10. How to open a store online in wooplr- How to create your own online store on Wooplr Step 1: First of all you have to open the website of Wooplr.

Step 2: After clicking, you will now see an option of Open My Store here, click on it and enter your details. You have to enter your name, email and password. After that you have to click on the button of Submit. You can also create an account from your Facebook and Google account here. Step 3: Now a new page will open here, you will get your store name and you can change the name of your store if you want, and at the same time you have to enter your mobile no. After that click on the Continue button. Now your online store has opened. Step 4: Now click on three lines on the right corner from here and click on edit store details, pick your profile and enter your details here. After doing this, the next thing is to add the product to your store.

How to add product in your wooplr account – How to add a product to Wuppler.

Step 1: Now there is an option of Add Products, click on it.

Step 2: Now a new page will open here, you will see many products. Now you have to click on that product. Which you want to add to your store. You will see the option of add product, by clicking on it you can add that product to your store and if you do not find any product here, then you can add that product to the store by typing in the search box above. In this way, add the product to your store and share the link of your website on all your social media, and whoever buys or opens it, you will earn.



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