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Google Adsense Approval Tricks 2019 – Get Google Ads Easily

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Google Adsense Approval Tricks – Today we will know how to take Google Adsense Account Approval. The tricks I am going to talk about are 100% working tricks. If you adopt this trick, then your google AdSense account will be approved.

As you know that Google uses google adsense and admob to make its advertisement reach to others. Google uses admob to show ads in the application. In Admob you do not need to take any approval, create an account in it and place advertisements in your application. But today we will talk about google adsense account approval trick .

Google Adsense Approval trick

As we all know that google adsense rules are strict. They have done this because people were getting click and impression of the advertisement in a wrong way. Those people who do not get adsense approval use copyright metarial. If you are doing a blogging then you may need this company. If you are wondering why we are giving such importance to Google Adsense, the answer to this is very easy. Google Adsense is the oldest advertising publishing company, their ad quality is very good and their CPC is very good.

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If you know this, then you will be easy to understand it. Let us talk about Google Adsense Approval tricks

What is Google Adsense & How it’s Works

1. Top-Level Domain

If your domain is not a purchased domain, then it shows you getting approval, if anyone gets approval then your account may get banned due to any reason in future. This happens with most free domains. So you need to get top level domain name to avoid this. Like you can see our own domain. The domain of our blog is which is a purchased domain. So you can also buy a good domain (.Com, .Net or .In), this will make it easier for you to get approval because Adsense will feel that you really want to earn money from them. If the Domain Authority will be more then it will be very good.

2. Blog language

First of all, you have to see the language of your blog. This is the first step, if the language of your blog does not support Google, then you will not be able to approve google adsense account . If the language of your blog is Hindi or English, then it is fine. If the language of your blog is Punjabi or Urdu, then you may not approve the adsense account. If you want to check which language Google supports , then you search Google by writing Google Adsense language support list , then you will know which language Google supports. Or you can see the list by clicking here. List of adsense supported languages

3. Don’t Use Copyright Content

If you use copyrighted material on your blog, then you can never get adsense approval. The copyrighted material contains all that is not yours. Do not copy content from anywhere. Do not use images from other blogs. Article Originals are mandatory. If you have such a post in your blog, delete it.

4. Don’t write Illegal Content

If your blog contains content related to adult, gambling, hacking, casinos or drugs, then you can never get adsense account approval. Google does not like all this. If you have such a post in your blog, delete it. High Quality Content High quality content is one that can be understood well after reading. Your content needs to be seo friendly. Whenever any visitor visits your blog, he should understand the content well. All your content should be high quality. When you submit the application, they also read the content. If they do not understand what you want to say, then your application will be rejected.

Together that post should contain unique information. It is not that he got up and wrote anything.

How long should your blog post or content be?

You should have a content of at least 500 words. If you write 300 words of content, then this can cause problems in adsense approval. When you apply for google adsense, then you must have written at least 30 posts. This will make it easier for you to approve google adsense account. It is not written anywhere that in order to apply for AdSense, so many posts are needed in your blog. In more words, the chance of approval will be written on the post itself. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to the content while writing the post.

5. Blog design

If the design of your blog is not good, then definitely change it. The design should be such that it is fun to watch. Which has a menu bar. A plugin like recent post, popular post must be there. You can choose a theme in a blog. If you want, you can also use the template of 3th party. Use the best template. Mobile friendly template must be there, this will increase your rank. Remove Other ads Network When you apply for asense approval, keep in mind that if there is no advertisement of other advertising company on your blog, then remove it. If there are many ad networks on your blog, then this can cause your application to be rejected. Google Adsense is not supported by some ad networks.

6. Don’t Use Copyright Images

If you have a copyright image on your blog, remove it as soon as possible. Google adsense does not like to use any copyrighted image. Make your own image. If you practice, you can make a better image than before. If you want use free image. Some websites provide image for free.

7. Blog Ranking and Traffic

The Adsense team also watches the traffic of your blog that if you use their advertisement, then Adsense also benefits from this. It is important to have a lot of organic traffic on your blog, which will also increase your income. Your post must rank in Google. Create pages If you want AdSense approval, then you also need to insert some important pages. About Us : This page tells about your blog and you, from this page, the AdSense team can also confirm your blog that it is the same person who has requested AdSense approval. With this, your visitors can also know better about you and your blog. You should definitely create a page about us and your blog.

8. Privacy Policy:

With this the Adsense team can know whether your blog is according to them or not. What will you do next with user information? Your users will also know what you will do with their information. You can also use a privacy policy generator or you can write it yourself by giving 20-25 minutes.

You can make use of freeprivacypolicy generator site to quickly get one for your website. Although you will be needing an email address to complete your sign up, but bet me it worth it


9. Contact Us:

From this page you can help your user, you can also write post knowing their problems. Pay attention to whether your page is working properly or not. If you want, you can also add the disclaimer page. Don’t Buy Fake Traffic

10. Never buy Fake traffic on your blog.

Nowadays, there is a lot of craze on the traffic exchange website. But if you stay away from these websites then it is good for you. Always pay attention to organic traffic. You can get your blog promoted by social media. But do not do all this. Google likes real visitors. That means visitors who come from search results or social networking sites. If you buy traffic for your blog. So the issue of AdSense account approval is far away. If your google adsense account is also approved then it will be disabled soon. If you have applied for AdSense some time ago and your application has been rejected, if you apply again from that email address, then the chances of getting your application Reject are increased. If you want, you can use a new email.

Before applying in Adsense, please read the terms & conditions of AdSense once. With the help of this, you can get your AdSense account approved very easily. But still you get any problem by taking approval. So you can contact us and if you have any question related to this post. So you can ask by commenting below.



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