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How To Create A Clickbank Account – Make Money With Clickbank

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Today we are going to know what Clickbank is and how to make money with ClickBank network. In today’s era, the trend of online has been how to earn money online, out of that, Clickbank is a medium through which you can easily earn money sitting at home. On how you can earn money from this, you will also tell many ways, by using which you can earn more money.
One thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to do hardwork in it. If you do not do hardwork, you will not be able to make money from it. I hope that you will follow the methods mentioned below, then you can easily earn money from click clickbank, which is easy but also becomes difficult for many. So let’s know what clickbank is and how to easily make money with ClickBank network

What is Clickbank?

One of the easiest ways to earn money online is to sell the products of others online, which we call Affiliate marketing. So Clickbank is an Affiliate network where there are thousands of digital products like Software, e-books, videos, Courses etc. This is the people who give such platform to Vendors and Affiliates, here the product can be bought and sold.
First of all, let us know what are the differences between Vendor and affiliates.
  • Vendor : These are the people who sell products on these platforms. Which can also create products or can be sold as a seller. Sell ​​products in Clickbank.
  • Affiliates : These are the people who sell the products of Vendors to the customer through these platforms. They earn commision by promoting products.
In today’s article, we will talk about this by becoming an affiliates clickbank se paise kaise kamaye.
Why clickbank itself? Is it legit? 
Yes, it is absolutely legit. It is not like Amazon affiliate program but is giving a good platform to people like us. There are many benefits to using Clickbank.
  • Very High Commision : Here you get products with commission up to 70% +, this means that if a product is 100 $, then you will get 70 $ and this is why you are paying so much commission because Many of their products are digital which means no production cost, no shipping cost or any other cost.
  • Fast Payment : You also get payment soon on clickbank. There are also many users who get product sales through Paid Traffic, then there is a need for quick payment so that it can bring more Paid Tarffic.
  • International Affiliate : You can work with clickbank from anywhere, you will get payment easily.
  • There are many other benefits too.
How to join Clickbank? How to join Clickbank

You have to go to the official website of clickbank and fill the details. You can create an account by following the steps given below

  • First you have to go to, then you have to click on affiliate. Then you have to click on create your new account below.
  • You have to fill personal details, banking details and account information, which you can easily do.
  • Then you can easily check the products and make affiliate link.
How To Make Money With Clickbank 
We have talked so far that Clickbank kya hai? What are its benefits? Now, tell how to earn money from clickbank?
  • You first have to login to your Clickbank account, after that, clicking on your dashboard’s marketplace, you will now find many categories in the front side. Along with this, you will also get the filter option and Attributes option of the products, so that you can choose a good product that suits you.
  • After this, you have to choose the product that you would like to sell, you have to see how the landing page of the product is? Thinking that you have to choose the product that you would definitely like to buy, it would be better if you choose such a product.
  • You must see the product’s stats, where you will get the information of the product.
  • When you have selected your product, you have to click on promote.
  • Then you have to click on Generates Hoplinks. You will see your account nickname which should be written
  • When you get the link, you must shot it with a URL Shortner. Then you share that link as much as possible, you have to take care that you do not spam. Whenever a customer will click on that link and buy that product, then you will get the commision given on that product.
  • You can also share products on social media platforms. Here is how you got the link to the product

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How Much Money Can You Make With Clickbank? 
This is a very good question that everyone wants to know, it depends on which product you choose? And how do you promote that product? If the average sale is seen then you get 30 $ for only one cell, then by doing 4 cells you get 120 $ for 1 day, it also depends on how well you sell the product. Many people earn up to 500 $ -1000 $ in a single day.
But if you are just starting, then you will work every day, then in 2-3 months you can have your first cell, although you may be taking more time but this happens in the beginning. But once you make your first sale, it becomes easy for you.
If you want, you can also read the case study of Warren Wheeler, he has told how he has earned 300 $ + per day from that new affiliate account within just 3 months.
If you want to know how to increase Clickbank sales? Please comment below and tell us, we will write an article on it too. We hope you liked this article on how to make money with Clickbank network.



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