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How to earn money with the Meesho app 2019

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Hello Friends, Today We Are Going To Know how to earn money with meesho app. This Is One Way In Which You Can Earn Money By Selling Products, Thousands Of People Earn Daily From This App. If You As Well As A Student Or That If You Ever Job You Can Earn Money From It In Side Business Are.

This is going to be a tremendous way because it is giving you a chance to earn money easily, from this app you can easily earn 15,000 to 20,000, so in today’s article, we will tell you that you how to earn money with meesho app. So let’s start.

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How to Earn Money With The Meesho App

Meesho App is an online product reselling app by which you can earn money by selling a product to someone. This app was created by IIT Delhi graduate Sanjeev Barnwal and Vidit in December 2015.This app mainly works on reselling here. There is no need to invest money, there is zero investment in it. The special thing in this is that you do not need to buy the product in advance, all you have to do is that you have to find the customer, you can also do it through social media, you can work by becoming a reseller here.

There will be many such features that you will be able to read below. # Features of Meesho

1) Zero Investment : You do not have to put a single rupee in it, this business model is designed in this way.

2) Good Quality Products: Meesho App only sells good quality products, although it works only with suppliers and manufacturers of good quality, then you will get a confidence that the quality of the product is good.

3) Don’t need to Delivery Products: In this, you do not even need to take the product to the customer’s home, Meesho does this job, you only have to find the customer and order them.

4) Cheap Price Products : Among its most special things, it is a special thing that here you get products at cheap prices, so that you can apply your own profit margin. You also get mill products within ₹ 99.

5) Good Support : Here you get a good support system, there is also a help option inside this app, where you will get all the information related to Meesho, what is Meesho Reselling? How do you make your first order? Where to find customers for your product? If there is any defect in the product, how to get it refunded? In this way, you will get many types of questions and answers.

6) Multiple Languages : This app is not only available in English language, it is also available in different languages of India like Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Canada, Malayalam, Telugu. So that you can understand in your language.

7) Video: In Meesho you will find many videos that you will understand that Meso how Meesho App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Etc K By watching his videos, you will easily become a professional reseller.

8) Refer & Earn: You can also earn money in this way, whichever person you refer to as a reseller, you will get some commission. 9) Meesho Community: You also get this option, here you can easily read the questions and answers of others, where they are facing problems and you can also ask your questions, which will be answered by Meesho .

10) Easy Withdraw : You can easily put all the money you earn into your bank account. Misho will only ask you the account number IFSC code and the name of the account holder and ask for a photo of the passbook.

11) Easy to manage: Here I liked the fact that you can manage it very easily, you just have to find the customer and order them, there is no problem in this.

12) Multiple Design : Here you will find many products, that too in different designs, from which the customer can choose the design of his choice, you also get many designs.

13) Less information provide : Here you have to give very little information but in the affiliate program you have to give a lot of information but in Meesho there is absolutely no such thing, you have to give very little information that you can easily give .

14) Easy to share : Here you will get catalogs from which you can easily share on Facebook, WhatsApp and when someone asks you about some products, you can also tell them. In this way it has very abstract features but now we will tell you that you how to earn money with meesho app.

It is very easy to create an account in it, you can easily create an account on it, you do not need any kind of Gst number

1) First you have to download the Meesho app. Become a Meesho Reseller and earn money from your home. You will get a discount of (Max ₹ 150) if you sign up on your 1st order. My Referral code: EXTNVMY678 Download The Meesho

2) After downloading, you will have to verify with your phone number.

3) Then a video will appear in front of you so that you can see how it works and you will also choose which language you will listen and you will see the video in that language.

4) After setup, you can sell any product .. How to share products? 1) You will see two options here: First For You and second collection will be seen, then click on either of the two options.

2) Select the product and then you will see the Share Now button in green color, by clicking on it, you can share it with anyone, but it is a good thing that the price of the product will not be shared when someone about that product from you Then you can tell your price, but you have to keep in mind that you first see the price of the product, according to that you can apply your margin as much as 50,100, 200, etc. Read more

How to place an order in Meesho?

1) If you find a customer and the customer demands a product from you, then you also have to ask for the design of that product, you have to go to that product list and click on the design that the customer goes to. 2) Then you have to click on Add to cart and you have to choose Size and Quantity.

how to earn money with meesho app

3) Then you have to go to Cart and you have to select Cash On delievery or online. If the customer wants to give money in advance, then you do not click on it online, then you click on Cash on delivery.
how to earn money with meesho app

4) After clicking on Proceed, you have to put the price that you will take from the customer on Cash to callect from customer, in this you have to keep in mind that the price you told the customer is to be given the same, then tell the customer the higher price so that you Could get more margin.
how to earn money with meesho app

5) After clicking on proceed, you have to click Add new address so that you can enter the address of the customer as well as your phone number.

6) Then you have to click on the place order, now your order has been done, within a few days that product will reach the customer’s home.

You will get the rest of the information in the Misho app itself, so how did you feel about this article how to earn money with meesho app in the comment below and if you have any questions, then write on the comment below, we will surely answer your question.



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